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I'm going to take a second to write a little prelude to this testimony... I've known Eric for about 25 years and I count him as one of my best friends. One thing I can say about Eric is that he is one of the biggest product skeptics I've ever known! He literally has never gotten excited like this about ANY health product in the last 25 years. So trust me, when Eric says "It's like a miracle product" it's because he is super impressed. Even as you read his story you will notice that he tried his best to make the product not work by overloading his body with every kind of junk he could, to see if the Phytoplankton would fail to perform!
It didn't! Have a blessed day... Jeff

It's like a miracle product!

Ever since I had my chemotherapy for cancer, I have been having terrible heartburn and acid reflux daily. Basically, everything I eat (especially coffee) causes heartburn. I typically eat multiple antacid tablets throughout the day, and I almost always have to take an antacid before bed.

I had heard that among many other health conditions that Gaditana Phytoplankton works well on digestive issues, so I couldn't wait to give it a try.

I received my product on Monday afternoon. I took one tiny scoop added to water at 4 p m. Within just a couple of hours, I noticed that I wasn't having my typical evening heartburn.
I even ate some granola, some nuts, and a banana without having any heartburn.
I was cautiously optimistic. The next morning, on Tuesday, I took a full tiny scoop at 8 am,
I then ate leftover stew for breakfast and drank three cups of coffee. I didn't have any heartburn at all like I normally would. At around 2 pm, I decided to really put it to the test.
I bought a tall latte, which if I drink in the middle of the day like that, always gives me terrible heartburn, and I even ate a slice of full gluten cheese pizza with tomato sauce.
Normally, that would really cause heartburn and acid. However, NO HEARTBURN!
I felt completely fine through the evening and didn't need to take an antacid before bed.
Also, I had no symptoms during the night.

Today, I was up at 6 am, full of energy, and that's after going to bed at 12 midnight.
So this morning, I took another tiny scoop, had 2 cups of coffee, and some avocado.
Again, ZERO HEARTBURN! I just finished lunch, which included another cup of coffee,

Gaditana is pure nutrition and a miracle food! All of this on only the third day!
I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next 30 days.
Eric G.

Last year my dog was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I was looking for supplement to improve his skin and overall health. Recently I noted that his coat is luxurious and shining what can be difficult to achieve for dogs with this condition. Thank you so much, we will continue with Gaditana Original for years to come. - Anna T.

I've been taking Gaditana since 2014. I had issues with my health such as a thyroid condition, psoriasis and gluten intolerance. It totally helped getting rid of all my symptoms.
Anna P.

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