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So this is probably the most difficult post I’ve ever made...I don’t put myself out there ever!!! Ok...So here it goes...

February 3, I started my journey on gut health, just a little over a month and a half ago. I started with the Triad.. Hapitides once a day usually morning but sometimes at night. Biomeix 1 pill am and 1 pill pm Hapicap once a day in the morning with food Once the coffee was released I started drinking the coffee and quit with the hapicaps.

Now I alternate between the 2. The appetite suppression with the coffee is unreal and most times wouldn’t be hungry until 12 sometimes then I had to remind myself to eat! My energy level is up, I for the most part try to eat healthy, I’m a salad lover!

amplifei personal experiences one

Since being on the triad I don’t want candy, pastas or bread-they just don’t appeal to me like they used to. My diet definitely isn’t perfect but I’m mindful of what I want now. My water intake is more than it used to be, almost a gallon a day and I haven’t drank soda(pop) in years. However, it’s taken me some time to build up the courage to reveal these photos, as you can see by the dates.

I originally took these photos for myself so I could see the progress for my eyes only!
I just want to show you the results-real results!!! I do workout, I have been doing Zumba and walking everyday this month. I try to do at least 30mins of Zumba and walk a mile everyday. For any one that is suffering from everyday stress(which everyone does), bloating, IBS, constipation, autoimmune diseases, unable to lose weight, tired, lack of motivation, seriously the list goes on and on...

Take a chance on something new and get your life back! I did, I took a chance on something new and unknown and quite frankly I’m so freaking happy I did!!  Kerrender W.

amplifei biomeix experience

Check out Steven’s amazing results!!!

Here is what he had to say after taking Biome iX for one week.

My foot was swollen for several weeks and was very painful. It felt like I was walking on nails and I could not drive because it hurt too much to push on the gas pedal.

My good friends shared this product with me and after just four days the swelling started going down. I am so happy to be feeling better and driving again!

Steven B.

3 months on the products and I’ve never felt better.

The coffee has now given me an AMAZING appetite suppression so I’m really not hungry until noon. I do try to be mindful of my carbs and sugars, but definitely still have cheat meals.

I workout 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I have been on antibiotics a lot for rosacea and just hate them-they totally tear my stomach up and always give me a yeast infection from clearing out all the good bacteria in my body.

The use of these products has really helped my rosacea without needing to use the medication.

*20 pounds lost
*fit into clothes and sizes I’ve never worn
*rosacea much better
*amazing energy
*mood is so much better
*hair growing like crazy *amazing focus and ability to get stuff done
*regular periods now...
this has never been a thing for me (ever!!!!) - Amanda B.

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amplifei personal experiences three Check out his Amazing PROGRESS!!

Tony told me his energy is way up, he is way less bloated, he no longer has the cravings for the foods that weren't good for him so he has been able to eat way healthier too!!

I am so grateful he sends me pics to let me know how he is doing. (Allot of people don't do that one simple easy thing... take a picture of themselves to track their progress lol) I am incredibly proud of your desire to get healthy!

You are doing an Excellent job Tony!

Tony has been taking his Biomeix twice a day and Hapitides once in the morning.

He also takes 1 Hapicap every day!

Tony T.


Are you suffering from bloating after you eat?? Running to the bathroom?? Hear what Gus has to say after taking Biome iX for just one week.

"Since starting the Biome iX a week ago, my stomach is not bloating after I eat and I do not have to run to the bathroom.

The lack of bloating has changed my body shape, I feel more energized and less body aches. It has settled my tummy and I feel more peace in my gut."
Gus A.

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amplifei personal experiences five

Ok so I went back and forth on whether or not to post this but I decided to just do it even though it's embarrassing!
If I don’t share my story, I can’t help anyone.

Most of us, especially women, have a hard time losing weight as we get older and our hormones change.  Also with covid most of us are less active!

21 days ago I found triad and I'm never looking back!!
I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks do for me!!

I am so happy that I finally found something that works!!😆

✅My energy is UP
✅My weight is DOWN
✅Zero heartburn
✅Zero joint pain
✅Brain fog is gone

I love this stuff! - Sandra H.

90 days ago I said goodbye
to heartburn and bloating, joint pain,
and HELLO to a smaller waistline!!

I don't exercise...while that is in my life plan!!

I cut out all sugar and I am making better choices with meals!

I simply take 2 BiomeIX in the morning with a full glass of water.

Then, I smell the brew it's the best coffee ever!!! I Drink my Amped Coffee 1/2 scoop for me is all I need!

I have my happitides in a cup of yogurt (my fav) any flavor! It doesn't dissolve well in fluid, so this works best for me!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!

Do yourself a favor and try these products that help promote healing in your gut!!

You can thank me later!!
Becky W.

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