HELO LX, Love at first beat The Designing HELO LX

HELO Health Monitoring Bracelet WOR(l)D's NEW HELO LX with Antonio De Rosa

Benefits of the HELO:
* Blood Pressure
* Heart Rate
* Sleep Quality
* Emotions
* Fatigue
* Breath rate
* Calories
* Steps
* Also includes SOS
  "Panic Button"
* Plus more...

HELO Stones = Mineral & Magnet Therapy:
* Increases blood circulation
* Raises oxygen levels
* Removes harmful toxins
* Relives joint and muscle pain
* Promotes quality sleep

The stones emits a high percentage of infrared rays at microwaves (Far Infrared Rays). These waves activate the water molecules, improving blood circulation up to 300%, by improving the level of oxygen present in it, leading to a better quality of sleep.

It has active sensors, minerals, and stones that directly influence your body as they detect emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG. HELO can detect not only important body parameters, it makes possible to provide an indication and analysis to help you improve your lifestyle. Data is sent to an iOS or Android app.

With a completely new design, HELO LX not only brings new materials and new finishing's but also introduces the new sensor sampling frequency at 125Hz instead  of 35Hz like the previous model. This means more accuracy in measurements.

The ECG plate on the bottom has been reduced and optimized and a new charger with magnetic connection has been introduced.

With this second step, the Company confirmed the presence of 99.999% Pure Germanium stone on Titanium plates, between the products that can be combined with HELO. But the offer is now enriched with a new series of stylish accessories: Colors Bands.

The Colors Bands can be simply changed to fit to the each style because are available in 5 new fantastic colors: Candy Pink, Ultra Violet, Purple Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue.

HELO LX gives you all the info about your body status.

Take care of your loved ones Monitor and check the vital signs of your loved ones remotely*.
With a tap. WeCare is an amazing function that allows you to remotely check the wellness of your parents,
friends, and loved ones. This is true peace of mind.
(*require Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.)

Message in a bottle app. With a click automatically send an SOS* message to the people added in your HELO app. Add up to 3** people to contact via SMS, call, and app-to-app in case you are in trouble.
Just double click the button on the side.
(*requires HELO paired with a smartphone or tablet with data connection active and available
**requires HELO Pro Plan or Loyalty Program active)

Set your alert. Advise your loved ones if your measurements are not in the correct range*.
Guardian offers you an amazing feature: alerting your loved ones through SMS
and in-app messages if your measurements are too high or low.
(*require Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.)

More power to your Helo with HELO PRO PLAN - Activating your Helo Pro Plan will bring you even more wellness and lifestyle improvements from all WOR(l)D Technologies. If your Helo is a masterpiece in technology, the partnership with Helo Pro Plan will make it your indispensable companion for life.

What features will be enabled with Helo App Pro Plan?
Advanced Features COMING SOON

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