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If you have noticed I have gone off the radar for the past two days, it's because I was admitted to the hospital
for a heart attack, and I want to share my experience with you.

On Friday morning, I was not feeling well. I took an ECG reading on my HELO at noon, and the reading said abnormal.I didn't pay much attention because I thought it was my work and stress making the reading show abnormal.

At about 2pm, I began to feel uncomfortable. I took another reading, and I noticed this time not only my was my ECG abnormal but my blood pressure had gone up and my heart rate was at 130.

I called my fiancée to immediately send me to the closest hospital, and at the emergency gate I collapsed. I was treated immediately and doctor and nurses managed to revive me. However, the hospital did not have a heart specialist, so I was transferred by ambulance to the hospital that had my medical records.

At the hospital, the heart specialist came to me after all the ECG and blood tests, and he told me I was lucky to have arrived when I did. Any later and I would have been in a very dangerous situation.When I took my first ECG reading on my HELO with the result of abnormal, I should have gone straight to my doctor.

To those of you who are wearing your HELO, please do your regular ECG check and most importantly, TRUST YOUR HELO!

And for my friends who are not wearing HELO, you must get one for yourself and for your loved ones.
I am not asking you to buy something that is not necessary, I am telling you to get your LIFE SAVING DEVICE! 

Philip L.

I've only had my HELO for a week. As I learned of its capabilities the Blood Pressure (BP) caught my attention. Textbook normal is 120/80. I also commit to an annual physical checkup and my last was in Aug/2016. I started immediately seeing readings of 158/90 and 161/96. I checked using the BP tester at Walmart and it read 155/94.

This prompted me to book an unscheduled appointment with my physician. I'm now on blood pressure medication. The point here is that I was now alerted to a change that might not have been detected until next August and until then, I may have been "at risk" of a stroke or heart attack. Thank you HELO.
I guess my family won't be cashing in on my life insurance anytime soon, eh?
Mike A.

My friends, I'm lying in the 1st city hospital of the city of Novosibirsk in the cardiology department.
Thanks to our Helo for saving me! 2 months ago, I noticed my HELO showed my ECG as being abnormal.
Although I felt tine, I decided to go get an ECG, and after telling them, they sent me directly to a physician.

He immediately called an ambulance, and they took me to a cardiologist. Now, my heart rhythm is back
to normal, and the doctors compared their ECG, pulse, and blood pressure measurements to my HELO
and it was 99.9% accurate.
They said I'm lucky to be alive.

Before this incident, I treated HELO only as a fitness tracker, and now I know that was a mistake.
Tatiana P

While attending a religious conference. I started having jabbing heart pains.
I immediately looked at my HELO and the ECG reading showed me having an arrhythmia.
I went to first aid where a volunteer EMT took my blood pressure at 145/100 and my pulse was 140,
which are both very high for me. I showed the staff my list of normal readings from my HELO.
They sent me to the closest hospital where they did a variety of tests.

I checked out with a clear heart but I had strained my chest muscles and spasms in my upper abdomen and it caused the symptoms. Nitroglycerin actually eased the spasms so my heart is good and I love my early warning system and peace of mind my HELO gave me.
Having the stored list of previous numbers on hand saved a lot of time and there was no need to wait for my medical records history.

My name is Dmitry Miroshnikov. When I started wearing my HELO, I was surprised to learn that my
blood pressure was 142/80.
Thanks to HELO, it dropped to 120/80 without medication. I now sleep better too.
Dmitriy M.

I train for and run marathons and half marathons, and because of my level of fitness, my resting pulse is typically lower than the normal range of 60 & 100 beats per minute. The HELO picks this up, and on the 24th of this month, picked up my slower pulse and told me I had an abnormal ECG/EKG.
Elsa M

This HELO wristband is really magnificent! Yesterday I had my first amazing experience with it. I was running to church from my car to catch up the beginning of the mass. Once seated I tried to check my BP, it was a little bit high. Know what happened next?

All my three children text me & ask of how am I doing that my BP is high. The three of them my children are my guardian of my HELO wristband that they could monitor also my health condition. This gadget is really a lifesaver.
Dai R.

Today I have a heart problem, having tight chest. I have been monitoring through this wristband and found abnormality to my heart rate, so I rushed to see the doctor right away. My heart rate and blood pressure are high, so I immediately came to the hospital. If I did not wear it, I would have come here late and probably need a coffin instead. This seem unbelievable. It is very useful. This is what I call “Innovative Life-saving Technology.
James K.

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