BioZen protects you against mobile radiation. Scientifically and medically proven.

BIOZEN by World Global Network BioZen, your Shield sticker against the electro smog

BioZen uses the latest innovations in layered thin chip technology to actively protect your body:

  • 24/7

  • for all your electrically powered devices

  • no matter how or why you use your devices


  • Reduces magnetic field gradients

  • Defends against changes in your blood profile

  • Lowers your body’s stress levels

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high radio-frequency radiation. BioZen is the only technology in the world that expands this protection to a biological level.
This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed.

BioZen uses the last technology in antenna wave shield and has been scientifically and medically proven

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