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First thing I noticed was the taste. Not over-powering sweet but calm and mellow. AviaChi hits that just right taste bud. Not gagging like thick diet shakes. Being at a weight of almost 400lbs, it has helped cut my meals in half and still provide me the energy I need to take on my day. The energy is not a shaking kind of nervous energy, but a calm boost with no crash. I also suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

I am highly caffeine sensitive, so coffee and energy drinks send me running to the nearest restroom with extreme pain in my stomach. With AviaChi's natural sources and balanced caffeine I have no problems taking it.

AviaChi has given me a new hope for the future for taking my energy, weight and life back into my own hands, giving me more time with my family and doing the things I love to do. I can't imagine not having it. Brandon - Production

​I have 40 years of Natural Remedy Experience and live a "clean" life having eradicated toxins from my diet and living environment. I have created and maintain wellness for myself which is why I was totally surprised to find that after taking my Very First helping of AviaChi that​ my body had a (pleasant) Reaction :-)

My Brain reacted to AviaChi in a way that felt it was gobbling up the Superfoods and turning on the lights of some of my neural pathways! I was totally surprised, because I felt that I was already living in a state of wellness and Realized that my body (and brain) were apparently MISSING some of the Superfoods in the AviChi Formula.

After several days my Brain continues to thrive and work in High Gear, and my body's energy is matching it.

No Matter What Supplements you are taking, adding AviaChi to your daily regiment Will Be a Benefit to your Wellness! ​ AviaChi's formula is a Super Formulation of nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body to stay healthy, all in one!

Update: Please send me more I do not want to Run out. Thanks

I have been taking this product since Last Wednesday. I can definitely feel a boost in my energy levels. In fact, I may have to take only 1 tsp a day (I was taking 2 tsp a Day).
Edith H.

UPDATE: In my last post I stated how it gave me lots energy - a little too much actually - LOL I have since lowered the dose to 1 1/2 tsp a day- and take it earlier in the day - and that seems to be working great - I FEEL AMAZING! It gives me energy all day but not that racy kind of energy - it”Ēs a natural energy that just makes me feel good.

For example: I did a vendor event last Saturday where I had to get up at 4:30 am (what was I thinking..ha) I took the Aviachi around 11:30 before lunch and I had sustained energy all day! The cool thing was When I got home around 6 pm I didn”Ēt crash like I normally would have.

I”Ēm very happy with this product- everybody needs to try it- I tell people it”Ēs easier to prevent disease than treat it and that”Ēs what I”Ēm doing with AviaChi

This stuff is NASTY tasting!! But I really like the results so far. The orange juice didn't help the taste so I get it real cold and drink it as quickly as I can!

My body desperately needs the nutrients for sure! My glucose readings for today have been awesome! 83 this morning and 93 this afternoon. I can't wait to see how my A1C will be by the end of next month when I go back to my doctor. I will keep drinking it no matter how it tastes!

I've lost 1/2 a lb. and I've cut back a little on one of my meds, too.

I wake up now on my own in the morning. I use to be so tired in the morning and would go back to sleep until early afternoon. Roxanne N.

Update: I've been on AviaChi since about the middle of April. In February, my A1C was 7.8.
Last Thursday it was 6.7. My Dr. is as happy as I am!

I have been taking this amazing AviaChi for about 2 1/2 weeks and the changes are phenomenal. I notice that half way through my day I'm not needing a subpar energy drink. AviaChi is giving me sustained energy throughout the day, I am also noticing muscle tightness in my core. In between swallows I could go on and on about this product.

I would recommend this product to anyone who feels sluggish half way through their work day. And, to anyone wanting to lose a little fat from their midsection. My hunger is satisfied much faster and I am not eating as much at meal time.
Lance - Manager of a chain drugstore

It's been about 8 days that I have been taking AviaChi. When Donna S, introduced me to this supplement, I intended it for my Hubby. Long story, but he is on a regimen that is working and he travels all week on business and has a high stress job. I asked him if he could replace one supplement or add this, but because he has been seeing results and he is so busy a change at the moment is not going to happen. But eventually I'm sure I will get him there.

So, I ordered it and told Donna, I was sure I would not see a difference because I am on quality supplements. I also do health coaching and have lived the life style and have great energy and have not been to the Doctor in years. I am very in-tune with my body mentally and physically. I am high energy and even though I am on quality supplements, I would say I don't have restful sleep.

Years ago I suffered from anxiety and insomnia, I have not had anxiety in years and I would not say my sleep problem is insomnia at this time, but just not natural sleep still.

The first day, I saw no difference to the dose. The second day, the only way I can explain it, is something was awakening my brain. I literally felt something going on in my brain. This morning as I was waking up, I started having names of people pop into my mind. People that I had totally forgotten about. Some I don't care if I ever meet again! Also names of flowers that I had planted that I forgot their names. Events that I forgot about. Very clear thoughts! It was very interesting.

I also would say even though I have good energy, I would say my sustainable energy has lengthened. I am up every morning at 5 am, I do health coaching, life coaching, building a business and it can be tiring on the brain listening to everyone's problems all day, it does not bother me, but it does wear on the brain a bit. It does not seem to be wearing on my brain, the exhaustion of hearing negativity all day long.

I am totally shocked and amazed, from someone who has been living the life style for 30 years and taking quality supplements. I also eat organic and local foods only.
Florence A.

I will say after three days on the stuff I think my vision has improved. I can't tell much else, its ok to drink, maybe doing other good things. A Friend

Great product I take it before workouts energy all day melting fat and building muscle.
James L.

I have struggled with low blood sugar for about 38 yrs. This past year my blood sugar had been crashing more than usual. And when it crashed I'd get a headache, have nausea, nervousness, and my hands would shake a little. It was such an awful feeling I'd make sure to eat something about every 3 hrs so I wouldn't have that horrible feeling.

After just one day (truly just one day) of taking AviaChi, I have NOT had a blood sugar crash. I can go 6 hrs between meals now. I get hungry but I don't experience the crash. I am more than happy, it has changed my life!!! I no longer have to carry food around with me wherever I go. I also love the soft, gentle energy I have when I drink my AviaChi and I no longer have any brain fog at the end of the day, my mind feels sharp as ever at 68 yrs. old. Debra Burba

I've always struggled with my weight due to overeating and a slow metabolism. Its been a losing battle.

Now I've been losing weight. I started taking AviaChi every morning, 6 weeks ago, often as my breakfast, mixed into 8oz water and 4oz of juice. It's delicious and satisfying. I easily control what I eat.

This product has nutritionally changed my body. I'm slimming fat off my sides and midsection, fat that even with exercise has never come off. But get this, I have not been doing exercises. I've only been taking AviaChi which has altered the way my body uses food and how I see food.

Since beginning daily use of AviaChi I am in control and seek good wholesome food that makes me feel good! And it is easy to eat a lot less in each portion.
Zakk - Production Manager

I've been taking AviaChi for about a month now and I've noticed an increase in motivation, reduced appetite, and I'm down 8 pounds.

Today, I was in a car accident and even with the added stress and everything that goes along with that, my mood and energy level improved noticeably after taking AviaChi. I'm an avid outdoorsman and I spend a lot of time hiking, kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding and whatever else I can find.

Since I started taking AviaChi, I've noticed I can go harder and further than I can without. I also can't eat the same size portions that I was used to. The overall effect is that I can do more with less and it has encouraged me to make better food and beverage choices.
Ty - Entrepreneur

I am really excited about AviaChi! I have always struggled with my weight and going to sleep in the movies or just sitting at home watching TV.

I have been taking Avia Chi for two weeks and I have lost five pounds, I feel good, planting flowers in my front and back yard, cleaning my car and preparing to start going to water aerobic class. I shop less in the grocery's. Eating is not first on the list when you are getting AviaChi as your SUPER FOOD!

Good morning, I really am excited again, I get up on a big Saturday morning in the dark at 6:00 a.m. drinking a cup of Avia Chi and working until the sun shine on me in my flower bed. WOW! It is a beautiful day seeing clearly and having energy. I have cleaned my flower beds, my house and ready to clean me and go share with the world about this wonderful nutrient product Avia Chi, that has given me some Get Up & Go!

This granny is ready to run with the grand baby today!  I hope your day is fill with Joy!!!
Sandra B.

Good Information

Fat Loss
There are subtle, gentle and effective ways to nutritionally help your body to dump undesirable fat and to build youthful, beautiful, smooth, attractive muscle. When this happens AviaChi supports you actually becoming more youthful appearing, trimmer, slimmer, healthier and looking more radiant. If you have way too much fat at the start, with this nutrition your weight will sort of hover at first and then gradually start to go down.

Your brain has inhibitors that normally limit the pace of this chemistry to a sustainable rate that allows a calm sort of steady, reliable calmness, morality and wisdom. Suddenly, with caffeine you are on a brain spending spree, depleting your genius faster than your body can replenish it. Suddenly the card won't run and the checks won”Ēt clear. Your headache begins. Now, you must have your next hit to function even normally again. Feels big, but studies show that on average you only get about a half hour of significant advantage with coffee and then the rest of the day is experienced as an actual let down disadvantage with an ongoing need for more caffeine. The demanding nature and disadvantages of hollow shakes physically and mentally are denied. And thus more calories, more pounds, and less of the real you still on line for when you get home. AviaChi is 180mg caffeine per serving in your choice of water or juice. This is more boost than a 16 oz energy drink or a 16 oz latt«², but without all the calories. It gets better! - Way Better! AviaChi, also resources brain resources to replace those being spent by the caffeine.

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
AviaChi Global is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of AviaChi, but peoples personal experiences.

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