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Rarely can you find a business model where all participants can benefit. Such a business model is easy to share with others and that is where our Rewards Plan comes into play.

AviaChi shares up to 63% of its profits with its members. The "only" requirement for customers to participate in receiving commissions in our company profits is to refer one or more other customers or members who then make a product purchase.

Everyone must be sponsored by a customer or Member of AviaChi.

AviaChi Pays It's Members the Highest in the Country.

Example: Based on a 1 bottle order, $735 per month can be achieved with just 5 active Referrals that get 5 active referals.

  • Level 1 = 10%     > (Each month on level one you will earn 10%)

  • Level 2 = 40%     > (Each month on level two you will earn 40%)

  • Level 3-6 = 2%    > (Each month on levels three thro six you will earn 2%)

  • Level 7 = 5%        > (Each month on level seven you will earn 10%)

Every person who becomes a customer can receive 10% CV commission reward from any personal referral who makes a purchase from their website.

Anyone desiring to become an Independent Business Owner Member must agree to adhere to the policies and procedures. A personal sale of a product is required in order to maximize the entire Rewards Plan.

Commissions are paid to all qualified customers and members on a monthly basis. Qualifying period is from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Commissions earned will be paid on the 7th of each month from all sales volume business from the previous month.

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