HELO LX Wellness Bracelet Wearable Technology

The ONLY 24/7 Health Monitor to Continuously Check Your Blood Pressure,
Heart Rate, Breathing, Sleep, Calories, Steps PLUS Remote Monitoring & Panic Button!
And it will even do an EKG too, with more features to come!

HELO LX 2 Minute Video HELO 7 Minute Overview

Real-time monitors your vitals and provides you with important data about your health
and lifestyle choices, which in turn helps you create and maintain
better health and physical condition.

HELO on Fox 32 News WORlD Global Network

Wearable Technology Is Saving Lives!

You can't go wrong with this 14 Billion dollar Industry.
Forbes predicts it will grow to 34 Billion in 3 years
You can read the article in Forbes: Click Here

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